Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Somebody call 911

Eeesh. The paperwork on our current patterns requests took forever, so the great packing project didn't get started until Monday. Which means the pattern packages don't go out until Tuesday, and it'll probably be Wednesday before all the emails get done. Ah well. Only newcomers will be surprised that we're behind schedule :-)

The mailman dropped by with two more packages of pattern donations while we were packing. I dropped them on the rocking chair -- the only place I could find that wasn't already covered with patterns, packing materials, or teddy bears. That was 15 hours ago, and they're still unopened.

Yes, you read that right. Two nice-sized boxes of patterns -- could be anything -- and not one of us took a peek. I was tempted, but it was far too easy to resist. (My cohorts deny even being tempted.) What's the matter with us? Have we succumbed to self-discipline? Is it permanent? Or.... have we reached pattern overload?

Nah. A few hours sleep changes everything. Now I'm just waiting for Mary to wake up so I can get over there and rip into them take a quick glance to let the donors know their pattern points estimate. (Besides, Mary might forget to log them in, and then they might get lost, and then where would we be?)

I guess we can cancel the 911 call -- it must have been fatigue. Happily, my curiosity is back to normal levels this morning and I doubt there's been any permanent damage. And how much would you like to bet (assuming I give Mary time to have a cup of coffee after the lights go on) that she'll have them open before I get there?

Gotta run. Mary just opened the curtains. Patterns to pack :-)

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  1. I was sooo happy to receive my pattern, and surprised! I thought I had no chance because I have over fifty points.