Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year's resolution of a pattern collector

Vogue Couturier pattern 494 close-upBeing part of Pattern Rescue has come with an unexpected but wonderful fringe benefit. After nearly 10 years of being strictly a pattern collector, handling all the great patterns you guys have donated has reminded me how much I used to love sewing. And so, gentle readers, I am publicly making a resolution for 2009. By the end of the year, I WILL complete 4 sewing projects.

Of course, the last serious sewing project I can remember doing dates back about 20 years, so this is going to involve some up-front work. Like getting the sewing machine out of storage and tuned up, tracking down my notions and supplies, and -- oh yes -- returning the sewing room to a workable state.

(Guess I should have seen this coming. Why else would someone who hasn't sewn in 20 years years still have a sewing room?)

Vogue Couturier pattern 494 envelopePerhaps the best part of sewing was always the initial process. Sometimes it would be finding a wonderful pattern and then carefully selecting the perfect fabric, trim and what-have-you. Other times I'd find a fabulous fabric, and patiently wait until THE perfect pattern turned up.

Take, for example, this 1950s Vogue Couturier number that recently joined my clutter as part of a pattern lot purchase. It really didn't ring any bells from the photo, but when the package arrived I just couldn't keep my eyes off this one.

It's the wrong size, the wrong style, and probably not the easiest project in the world for my rusty sewing skills. But this is the pattern that's tipped the scale, so it's definitely at the top of the list of possibilities for now. (Anybody need a vintage size 12 party dress?)

For other other pattern, I'm thinking perhaps one my 1930s apron patterns. Or maybe one of those darling little girl's dresses? Hmm.. So many patterns!

Anyway, I'll be keeping you posted, bugging you for suggestions, and probably crying for sewing tips before the end of the year. Wish me luck -- and don't forget to bug me about how that resolution is coming!


  1. Ooooo, that one is oh-so-gorgeous! What a fabulous pattern to use to get back into the wonderful world of sewing! Please sew it and post it for us to see. I bet once you start again you'll easily bypass your goal of four items this year...

  2. I just adore your Vogue pattern--what terrific details! If you do sew it up please share pics with us!!!

  3. OK -- pictures are a promise. Hope you're right, Sharon. The idea of sewing again has been great fun! Let's hope reality matches the daydreams...

  4. So it seems to be half way through they year now. How is your resolution coming?