Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Eh - What do I know, anyway?

Once Mary finishes the preliminary work on a vintage sewing pattern donation, I get to play. Er, that is, I go through the patterns and decide which ones go into the Recycle area and which go to Trade. Poor little me. :-)

Now you have to understand that my collecting tastes are rather limited (don't even talk to me about anything post-1960), so deciding the "fate" of modern patterns is sometimes much more challenging than it should be. Condition plays a huge role, of course. And, sometimes, so does guesswork.

Inevitably there are times when I am just so wrong. There are couple of patterns in the Trade area that have been languishing on the virtual shelf for far too long. And then there's the Recycle pattern that everyone wants.

My blooper for January is the McCall's 5747 Fashion Basics baby doll dress pattern. It was the first pattern requested on the first request processed, and I personally stopped counting when we got to a dozen requests. We actually pulled the pattern out to see what it was....

McCall's 5747 baby doll dress pattern

Now -- in my own defense -- I did hesitate about this one. (Dressy, great plunging back, you can just see the skirt swinging and it's factory folded!) But something about it reminded me faintly of a maternity dress. Those tend to unpopular no matter how stylish -- and into the Recycle pile this went. Hmmph. Next time I'll know better.

In case you're wondering, whenever a Recycle pattern brings in a huge number of requests we adjust the donor's pattern points (7 more points to your account, Elva!). And we never take away pattern points even if we decide to pull a pattern from the Trade area.

And speaking of bloopers, my apologies to Lori for getting her name wrong on the previous logo entry post. (All better now.) No defense at all on that one!

May I'll add a Senior Moments label...

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